Comprehensive List of All iOS 5 features – Full feature list + Screenshots

Features iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPad (Wifi) iPad (3G)
1.Notification Centre
2. iMessage
3. Twitter Integration
4. Improved Mail AppRich text formatting, email flagging, S/MIME support
5. Improved Camera AppVolume button shutter, editing features, hold focus + exposure, grid, lock screen shortcut No editing features No lock screen shortcut No lock screen shortcut
6. Improved Calendar AppLandscape view (iPhone), Flick through pages like iBooks (iPad), add calendars + more
7. New MUSIC AppReplaces iPod App, flick thru Album art, new look
8. Improved Safari AppTabbed Browsing, Reader view, reading lists, private browsing + more Limited features
9. Improved Game Centre Unknown
10. New App – NEWSTAND
11. New App – Reminder Location reminders limited to wifi location
12. Improved KeyboardNew shortcuts, split-keyboard device-wide Shortcuts only Shortcuts only
13. Multitasking Gestures4 or 5 finger swipe to home screen or multitasking bar or between apps Unknown Unknown
14. OTA UpdatesOver-the-air updates – Delta updates: only update to new features, not entire OS
15. PC-FreeActivation and Syncing done wireless, through wifi or 3G (3g option can be disabled)
16. iCloud
17. Wireless Sync to iTunesWhen device is plugged in, locked syncing occurs automatically
18. Improved Accessibility supportCustom Vibrating features/notifications, LED flash notification (iPhone 4 only)
19. Airplay Mirroring Unknown Unknown
20. Built in emoti-cons
21. PhotostreamStream up to 1000 photos via iCloud between Devices and PCs
22. Tone Store + Customised TonesFor voicemail, email, sent mail, calendar alerts + more Unknown
23. Improved MAPS AppAlternate Routes + new UI Unknown
24. Face-Time Mid-Call Alerts
Alerts for calls whilst in a FaceTime Call.
25. Hourly Weather forecasts N/A N/A
26. Swipe to delete songs and playlists from Device
27. Speak-Text selectionSelect text and have it read out to you
28. Improved Facetime
29. Built-in Dictionary
30. Automated downloads from iCloudNew Songs & Apps
31. Background Downloads & SyncingUse your device while it syncs Unknown
32. Unsecured Call Notifications N/A N/A
33. Typing ShortcutsSet ‘OMW’ to type out ‘On My Way’ – modern predictive texting in other words
34. FaceTime over 3G – not confirmed N/A
35. Assistive Touch Gestures
you can now use iPhone with adaptive accessories and control touch responsiveness using a slider
36. New Keyboards
Now you can type in Many new languages, Hindi for e.g.
36. Improved Weather App
Hourly updates + 5 day forecast
Note: All information gathered here is sourced from popular blogs or forums – including but not limited to: 9to5Mac, MacRumours, MacWorld, Engadget, Gizmodo, MacStories
None of the listed features have arisen from my personal opinion or knowledge of iOS5 Beta 1 but are a mere reference from openly available information.

you can now use iPhone with adaptive accessories and control touch responsivenes


7 responses to “Comprehensive List of All iOS 5 features – Full feature list + Screenshots

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  4. Willl Thomas June 9, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    why are the swipe option tabs cicular not regtanlar… is the a new thing on iOS 5?

  5. Nick June 9, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    sure is, and they’re easier to flick as well. – i’m updating this page in the hour or so with more features and all and in a table format,

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